How Frequently Should Your Little Rock Commercial Roofing Be Inspected?

Typically, a certified commercial roofing contractor in Little Rock would advise having your roof evaluated at least twice a year. Early spring is an excellent time to plan an inspection to look for any evidence of snow and other winter weather-related damage to the roof. The second inspection might be planned for the fall to ensure that there aren’t many twigs on the roof and to look for any damage brought on by the summer’s heat or the spring’s rains.

Your Little Rock commercial roofing contractor ought to carry out the following procedures during an inspection:

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  • Visual inspection – Look for any unusual degradation by visually inspecting the roof membrane, wall flashings, roof surface conditions, and roof penetration flashings.
  • Gutter Systems – Examine any roof drains, gutters, and overflows; clean up any debris that might obstruct the same. Find any new roof penetrations or unusual roof traffic patterns that have occurred since the last inspection.
  • Sealants –  Examine the caulking, sealants, and pitch pan fillers for cracks, separation, and splitting; Check the condition of any exposed sealants and the correct securement of all metal edging and copings on parapet walls.
  • Building Structure – Look for cracks or sinking in any walls that are close to the roof that might let moisture into the system.
  • Air Conditioning Units – Check surrounding air conditioning units for access panels that were not replaced after repair or new or used parts left on the roof. Check the roof for any possible screws or bolts that were left there during HVAC repair. Verify the presence of condensation traps.

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