Metal Roof Fading in Commercial Roofing

If you are thinking about using metal for your commercial roofing project in Arkansas, be aware that it will fade and chalk with time. However, this is only one factor to consider when determining whether or not to install a metal roof. This article will explain what metal roof fading and chalking are and how to avoid them.

What is Metal Roof Fading and Why Does It Happen?

It is inevitable that the pigments in a metal roof’s paint would fade over time due to exposure to the outdoors. A widespread myth is that metal roof fading causes roof damage, which is not the case.

Beautiful new building with metal commercial roofing.

In the long run, any paint color will fade due to exposure to harsh weather conditions, even metal roofs. Even while fading isn’t harmful to a roof in and of itself, it may drastically reduce the lifespan of a roof if it isn’t corrected.

Paint covers the real metal, and as the paint wears away, the metal roof itself deteriorates faster. This is one of the reasons why you should use high-quality paint on your metal roof.

What is Chalking on a Metal Roof?

The deposition of a white residue on painted or coated metal is known as metal roof chalking. Unfortunately, this pale residue isn’t genuine chalk. A lot more commercial roofers would be experimenting in sidewalk chalk production if this were the case.

Metal roof chalking happens in the same way as metal roof fading does. Your metal roof’s paint or resin will become white and chalky with time, earning the term “chalky.”

It’s important to note that metal roof chalking doesn’t mean that the roof is in trouble. However, because paint and resin protect the actual metal, ignored chalking can reduce the lifespan of a metal roof.

How to Keep a Metal Roof from Chalking and Fading

Commercial roofing made from metal.

Although chalking and fading are natural processes, there are things you may take to postpone and lessen their effects. The chalking and fading of lighter, non-organic paint colors will be less noticeable when they do occur. When it comes to safeguarding your roof, high-quality metal paint may and will make a huge impact.

You can also take precautions to prevent being exposed to certain factors such as sunshine, wetness, and pollution. Roofs facing north, for example, get substantially less intense sunlight than roofs facing south. Roofs, on the other hand, are plainly intended to shield you from the weather.

Purchase a roof warranty, and make sure that it includes chalking and fading as the last step. Roof chalking and fading are normal processes that occur over time, but a suitable guarantee will cover chalking and fading. This will assist to extend the life of your metal roof while maintaining its appearance.

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