Commercial Roofing Contractor in Jacksonville: Avoid These 3 Mistakes

As a commercial roofing contractor in Jacksonville, we witness many roofs in Arkansas suffer damage each year when storms bring severe wind gusts. With spring just around the corner, this serves as a reminder that commercial roof repair in Jacksonville is not a job for novices. When a storm hits and the building owner or facilities manager climbs on the roof to “simply check the drains,” for example, considerably worse things can happen. Unnecessary rooftop visits are only one example of a business flat roofing practice to avoid.

Keep Off the Roof

Some building owners regard their structure as personal property, similar to how you might regard an animal. You are aware, though, that the animal has the ability to bite the hand that feeds it. Roofs are the same way! They may just be there, tempting you to climb on, yet they are unexpected. The earlier you start on the roof, the more secure you will be. Full inspections and repairs should be left to specialists like ACS Roof Maintenance. We have the people, equipment, and expertise needed to safely walk your business flat roofing.

Procrastination Should be Avoided

Procrastination is another bad habit to avoid. Ignoring problem indicators of a future leak, such as ponding, musty aromas inside, discolored ceilings, or obviously moist roof insulation, just increases the expense of ultimate repair.

If your business property has indications of a leak, get that little repair done as soon as possible before it becomes a huge reroofing project. With timely action, you can prevent accidents to the insulation and roof deck. In the long run, this fast fix will save you money.

Avoid Do-It-Yourself Projects

Some building owners believe they can perform roof repairs on their own. You or your facilities manager may consider yourself “kind of handy with a hammer,” but why put your company’s reputation, inventory, and workers’ employment in danger with a do-it-yourself repair?

The do-it-yourself method may work temporarily to clear a blocked scupper; but, for most business flat roofing repairs, you will require the assistance of a commercial roofing contractor in Jacksonville:

  • Roofs are made of a variety of materials.
  • A typical issue is the use of harsh chemicals to seal seams that were initially heat sealed.
  • Amateurs can not only mix up roof surface materials, but they can also accidentally bring fair and unfair metals into contact, resulting in galvanic corrosion.

We Want To Be Your Jacksonville Commercial Roofing Contractor

Now that you know what not to do with your business flat roofing, contact ACS Roof Maintenance for a professional touch. We are set up to deliver excellent workmanship on commercial roofing for real estate businesses, property owners, property management teams, and insurance organizations. Contact us now for more information on inspection, maintenance, repair, and re-roofing.