Tips for Choosing High-Quality Elastomeric Jacksonville Commercial Roofing Coatings

Leaks may be effectively repaired with an elastomeric coating. The term ‘elastomeric’ refers to the coating’s elastic characteristics, which are precisely designed to address the stretching that occurs when it is hot, especially in the summer. The coating’s elastic characteristics allow it to return to its original shape without harming the roof. Because of its reflective coloration and durability, professional Jacksonville commercial roofing contractors choose elastomeric roof coatings. Elastomeric coatings, unlike traditional paint, can be freely sprayed to the roof to optimize durability and water resistance.

Here are some pointers for selecting a high-quality material for elastomeric roof coatings.

  • Look for a product that is flexible enough to be used on all sorts of business roofs. Elastomeric coatings of high quality can be applied to metal, foam, single-ply, or asphalt.
  • Understand how it is applied – Choose elastomeric roof coatings with a simple application but make sure it can be applied in a variety of methods, such as with a roller, brush, or spray.
  • Determine the elasticity level – High-quality elastomeric coatings must be able to stretch and rebound easily. Cracking can be avoided by using a coating that moves with temperature changes. When evaluating elastomeric roof coatings, look for better elongation characteristics. Look up the tensile strength as well, which defines the material’s capacity to hold and resist breaking.
  • Examine the perm rating and moisture gain by weight The perm factor refers to the amount of moisture that flows through the coating. It is based on numbers, with lower numbers being preferable to greater ones. As a result, a lower value will provide greater moisture resistance. Check the coating’s capacity to absorb vs repel water as well. This will be critical for long-term roof protection. Select an elastomeric roof coating that repels water rather than absorbs it, which can accelerate degradation and aging.
  • Look for a product with strong tear strength to withstand flaws caused by foot activity and roof movement. Ascertain that the coating system will remain adherent even when subjected to harsh circumstances.
  • Choose an ecologically friendly elastomeric roof coating – Think about a reflecting and cool roof surface that can help you save money on cooling. This sort of surface reduces the need for frequent roof maintenance and helps to avoid premature roof failure, which is generally caused by thermal shock and UV damage.
  • Speak with expert roofers – Find a reliable full-service Jacksonville commercial roofing company that specializes in commercial roof replacement and repair.

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